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Room with Ocean View


The rooms which emphasize spaciousness and relaxation face Toba Bay, where the waves are lapping the shore, and you can enjoy the beauty of a coastal visual symphony.
Available accommodation types are as follows: (1) a Japanese and Western room divided by a partition, (2) a Japanese and Western space with no partition, (3) a Japanese room with beds, and (4) a Japanese room with futons.
You can see Toba Bay from any room located on the 2nd to 5th floors.

Japanese room + Wenstern room

2 rooms

Get a good night’s rest on our oversized twin (semi-double) beds.
Japanese-style rooms offer views of Toba Bay.
Indulge in the luxurious experience of simply staring out into the sea.
(Room 206 also offers views of the ocean from the Western room)

Up to 5 Guests

Japanese/Western mixed accommodation

4 rooms

These rooms are designed with a tatami area in front for relaxing.

Up to 5 Guests

Japanese room with bed

Perfect for those who don’t want to choose between lounging around on tatami mats and getting a great night’s sleep on a Western-style bed.

Up to 2 Guests

Japanese room

Let your travel-weariness melt away in a classic Japanese-style room.
Comes with a back veranda for enjoying the ocean views.

Up to 4 Guests

Furnishings, Amenities

Bath,Toilet(With Washlette),Basin,TV,Safe,Japanese tea,Electric kettle,Humidified air purifier,Hair dryer
Face Towel,Bath Towel,Yukata,Hanten(Fall&Winter),Toothpaste Set,Shampoo,Rinse,Body Soap,Body sponges,Shower cap(for women)

Items available for loan

Cell phone charger,Fingernail clippers,Ice bag, Thermometer,Heater,Clothes iron
For Child
Bumbo,Child chair,Diaper pail,Bath chair,Slippers,Futon
Playing cards,Kabufuda
Paid Items
Go 880JPY, Shogi 880JPY, Mahjong 3,300JPY