Sample the seasons of Toba, Ise, Shima

We will prepare a dinner that allows you to taste the local seasonal produce of Ise, Shima and Toba.
Mie prefecture is rich in seafood as well as produce from the mountains.

In addition, Ama no Shima also has “Okage Vegetables” and “Edible Flowers” from its Ama no Shima Farm, allowing you to enjoy seasonal produce while taking in the beautiful scenery.
Meals will be served at the 1st floor banquet hall for both dinner and breakfast.

*Additional orders may not be available depending on the season, sea conditions, and purchasing conditions. Please ask the staff or contact us after booking your accommodation.

Ise Ebi

Japanese spiny lobster

The seafood of Mie Prefecture.
At Ama no Shima you can partake in are dishes featuring Ise lobster exclusively, or make an additional order for sashimi or “Gusokuni (boiled lobster)”.


Red snapper

Symbols of longevity and celebration, “Awabi (abalone)”, Ise Ebi (Ise lobster)” and “Tai (red snapper)”.
Toba City has named these three species “Japanese celebratory fish.”
Sea bream is also a gourmet representative of Toba.
We can prepare it in a sashimi boat platter, boiled, salt grilled etc. as a separate order.



Toba, Japan’s most renowned woman diver town.
Abalone caught by Ama (diving women) is a specialty of Toba.
The Ise-Shima region is so called “Awabi Okoku (abalone kingdom)”.
Please try it in the “Odori Yaki” style. Also available as a separate order.


Horned Turban

Sazae (horned turban) is also well known as a Toba specialty.
This sea snail is caught by Ama during spring and summer and with Ise lobster during Ise lobster fishing during autumn.
Also available in sashimi as a separate order.



The octopus of Toba is exceptional.
As sashimi is a given but Takomeshi (octopus rice) is also famous.
Also available separately as a pot rice dish.

Matsusaka Gyu

Matsusaka Beef

Matsusaka beef, one of Japan’s three most prominent varieties of Wagyu (Japanese beef), is known as a masterpiece of meat.
How about a fabulous trip, with some delights from the ocean and the mountains?
Also available as a separate order.

Ise Kenko Buta

Ise Healthy Pork

Healthy pigs from the Ise region that is very discerning about how to deed and raise them.
Mainly served at Ama no Shima as a Shabu Shabu dish.

Okage Yasai

Amanoshima Vegetables

From Ama no Shima’s own Ama no Shima Farm.
The Toba region is active in hydroponic cultivation, with an excellent supply of leafy vegetables and edible flowers available to purchase.

Vegetables from the farm are also served during dinner and breakfast.


We offer Japanese cuisine such as hot spring tofu, dried dishes and Japanese style omlette.